Legal Services

Business Law

Griffith & Cummings, PLLC works closely with businesses to help business owners and individuals meet their legal needs. For example, the legal needs of a sole proprietorship where one person is the owner, operator and bookkeeper are much different than a manufacturing company that may have hundreds of employees and must work with various middlemen while keeping the owners happy. Contact us and ask about the various services provided by Griffith & Cummings, PLLC. Some of the services provided are:

Organizing your business

Registered Agent Services and Annual Reports

Employee Handbooks

Employment Disputes and Termination

Drafting, Reviewing and Negotiating Contracts

Purchase, Sale or Merger of a Business

Reviewing your current legal documents and business structure for any potential legal issues

Government Administrative Hearings


Reviewing Insurance Policies

Real Estate and Easement Law Services

Griffith & Cummings, PLLC can help you avoid the possible pitfalls involved with real estate transactions and other real estate matters. The services provided include the following:

Drafting the purchase and sale agreements for real property, water rights, mineral rights and easements.

Determining how to structure the sale and/or purchase to best suit your needs.

Drafting warranty deeds, quit claim deeds, Realty Transfer Certificates, contract for deeds, trust indentures, first right of refusals, mortgages and other documents necessary to close on any real property.

Structuring and Drafting options to purchase property.

Reviewing any applicable legal documents governing the use of your property, including covenants, bylaws and zoning restrictions.

Preparing detailed property reports to identify issues or concerns with a potential purchase (these can be general or specific in scope, depending upon your needs).

Creating agreements including commercial leases, residential leases, agricultural leases, grazing leases, etc.

Discussing Montana easement law and whether you or your neighbor may have an easement even if the easement is not recorded.

Helping you with subdivision, boundary adjustments, zoning map amendments, variances for use and other matters once you own your property.

Litigating easement issues.

Litigating all other real estate matters.

Construction Law Services

Griffith & Cummings, PLLC provides legal services tailored to the Construction arena. In addition to the general business services provided by Griffith & Cummings, they provide the following law services particular to Construction Law:

Reviewing, negotiating and drafting standard Construction forms, including AIA documents, AGC Consensus Documents and Engineer Joint Contract Documents Committee documents.

Drafting and negotiating construction contracts to suit your particular needs.

Reviewing and discussing how to use various construction laws to your benefit, including lien laws, prompt payment act, residential construction disclosure, warranty requirements, laws regarding notice, and opportunity to repair.

Homeowners’ and Condominium Owners’ Associations

Griffith & Cummings, PLLC represents a number of area Homeowner and Condominium Owner’s Associations and their Boards of Directors. Griffith & Cummings, PLLC provides various legal services to Boards of Directors, including the following services:

Helping the Board of Directors interpret their Governing Documents, including Covenants, Declarations, Bylaws, Design Guidelines, Articles of Incorporation and other governing documents.

Helping the Board of Directors understand their duties under the Governing Documents and Montana Non-Profit Act.

Working with the Board to identify various issues with the Governing Documents and draft new language to take to the membership for approval.

Working with the Board and the membership to properly amend the Governing Documents.

Working with the Board to properly enforce the Governing Documents, including notices, appeals to the Board and, if necessary, litigation.

Guardianship and Conservatorship Services

Unfortunately, our loved ones sometimes need our help with day-to-day decisions. Guardianship and Conservatorship services are available if this become a necessity for a minor child, or even an adult, in your life.

Guardianship is available for those who need assistance making day-to-day decisions regarding their care. For example, maybe your loved one can no longer make their own medical decisions or decide where to live. By becoming an guardian, you can make these decisions for your loved one. Also, Guardianship is available to those who are taking care of a minor child who is not their son or daughter. A guardianship may be necessary in order for you to take the child to the doctor or make decisions regarding their schooling.

Conservatorship is available for when your loved one can not make monetary decisions. For example, your loved one may not be able to balance a checkbook or pay their bills on time. By becoming a conservator, you help them with their monetary needs.


Griffith & Cummings, PLLC aids parents with the legal issues that arise in any adoption. Whether you are looking to finalize an international adoption, need to know if you can proceed with a step-parent adoption, are trying to navigate the waters of a interstate adoption, or need to do an adoption where everyone lives in Montana, Griffith & Cummings can help.